Spiritual Guidance

When I work as a medium, I give spiritual guidance via  telephone or FaceTime.

I feel your energy and as a neutral channel I convey the messages that I receive from the spirit contact. It's always the spirit world that decides who comes through.

They know what is important to convey to you, where you are in your life right now.

I therefore ask you to keep an open mind to the information that comes to light during the session.

I only accept people over the age of 18. Of course I have a duty of confidentiality.


750 SEK incl. VAT for 30 minutes. *We reserve the right for any price changes.

Animal Communication

Send me a rather recent picture, either by email or by post, where only the animal in question is included and where the eyes are also visible, and state the animal's

name and age.

The animal should be 1 year old and over. I do NOT want any information about the animal, before the communication, except if you have any specific questions that you want me to raise.

I will contact you and we will agree on a time for the communication, which takes 45-60 minutes. After that, I will call you and tell you what I have obtained, and then you can also ask questions.

You will also receive a document of the entire communication by email or by post. Welcome to me with your four-legged friends!


850 SEK incl. VAT per animal

*We reserve the right for any price changes.

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