* Inspiring lectures

* Change negative mindsets
* The power of the mind
* Realizing dreams
* See the possibilities
* Is there other intelligence beyond what we know?
* Do you dare to be who you really are?
* What is a leader?

* Inspiration

* Leadership
* Inner strength

* Personal development
* Completing things
* Balance in life

* Creativity

* Attitudes

The effect of booking Terry Evans

Terry Evans arouses curiosity within the audience and inspires change.

Many people experience a sense of hope and that the possibilities have become more numerous. What was seemingly impossible is suddenly possible – it is possible to change one's life, even for those who feel that they have been "stuck" in life.

Terry Evans as Speaker

Terry offers himself and uses his life experience with a great deal of humor and warmth. Terry Evans has a unique emotional intelligence, permeating his way of responding to the audience. Not many people leave the lecture unmoved, he has a unique ability to awaken something within the mind of the recipient

How Terry Evans works
Terry  offers inspiring and thought-provoking lectures.

His lectures are often interactive with the audience.

The content is adapted according to the client's wishes.

Terry Evans Suite for.
Trade fairs, conferences, events and organizations in the private and public sectors.

With joy and compassion together, with your participants and Terry, becomes this event, a memory for life!

Don't dream your life, live your dreams. When I look back on life, at the dreams I had before, I realize they were messengers from my soul. My dreams showed me, what I would be and what I would become.

Terry Evans