The purpose of Creative Experience 

The purpose with creative experiences

We wish to create an environment whereby clients, students or visitors can be part of a situation where they feel free to open up and express the way they really are without being afraid of being judged because of personal beliefs. 

Our philosophy and the way in which we educate is based upon a simple principal: To help people get in touch with their potential and find what is preventing them from achieving a better quality of life. Therefore, we have a holistic approach to everything we work with. 

Whatever walk of life a person comes from, academically, spiritually or culturally, our purpose is to assist the individual in discovering their truth and what works for them, free from discrimination.

We believe that no one has a license on truth.

The company was formed by Terry Evans who has drawn upon a myriad of life experience that is an integral part of this project. Terry has worked in the fields of personal development and parapsychology for many years.

He does not profess to have all of the answers, but aims to offer some of the necessary tools that in turn will offer the keys that can open the inner doors within the individual.

Our philosophy and training method is based on a simple principle, to help people get in touch with their innate potential.